Our Process

  • Interview

    Matched Pattern will gather facts and ideas about the project including budget and timeline. The outcome of this is an "ideal" version of the application.

  • Scope

    We'll discuss how budget, timeline and other real-world considerations might impact or change the scope of the application. The outcome of this is a "realistic" version of the application.

  • Agree

    We'll negotiate and agree on terms with a contract. Matched Pattern puts our money where our mouth is and is fully insured too!

  • Develop

    We will work together to break apart the application into smaller features. We will document, track, and develop each feature separately, as prioritized by your team.

  • Minimum Viable Product

    We work together to get the smallest "working" version of your application. This is great way to test out your application without waiting months for a full version. We learn from each release and coordinate updates based on user feedback and client desires.

  • Deployment

    When a feature is approved by your team it will automatically be deployed out to the world. No waiting on release dates.