Web Infrastructure

Matched Pattern has deep experience with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Rackspace and OpenStack. We've scaled client applications for ABC's Shark Tank with a day's notice. We've scaled nation-wide applications for Target on a moment's notice. Each application survived an onslaught of focused, national attention.

Our applications are load balanced, fully secure, monitored, and highly available world-wide. We can automatically scale your application to meet demand and scale down to save resources and money. You'll only pay for what you use.

Your application will run through a "pipeline". This pipeline will watch for code changes and automatically build and test the application. If all tests pass the code is deployed to production. No time or budget wasted on routine.

  • Redundant database and application servers spread across the globe
  • Servers automatically scale based on traffic and complexity
  • Automatic data backups (along with easy data restores!)
  • Code can be deployed globally within 10 minutes
  • Applications can be "cloned" within 18 minutes
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