Our Experience

With decades of experience in web, embedded, and infrastructure software development, our developers have the depth and breadth of experience to have seen the patterns and pitfalls in building enterprise systems.

A startup’s focus is getting its product to market, and technology infrastructure or strategy can be a distraction at best and a serious obstacle at worst. Matched Pattern’s consultants are experienced in working with startups to provide technology strategy, leadership, and guidance so that you can concentrate on building your business.

Matched Pattern’s developers are all senior in their field. We have designed and developed resilient, responsive, robust systems of all kinds for enterprises of all sizes. Matched Pattern’s team has the experience to evaluate existing software or still-on-the-drawing-board projects to provide guidance on privacy and compliance issues across a variety of fields.


Thoroughly vetted HIPAA-compliant veterans with years of exprience.

Designed and built a secure, compliant telemedicine solution for one of the nation’s largest health care providers.

Created a health care comprehensive utilization analysis system as an outsourced product for one of the nation’s largest vendors of enterprise software.


Developed and architected infrastructure that allowed a startup to manage a massive spike in volume from exposure on a prime-time television business competition program.

Re-architected and scaled infrastructure to allow national retailer to launch new promotions.

Passed nationwide retailer security-level auditing and penetration testing.


Multiple years of traditional Computer Science professorship including development of multiple curriculums.

Multiple years of oversight at nationally reknowned Developer "Bootcamp". Trained several cohorts of students on a focused schedule to ready them for industry.


Frequent public speaking events to teach others of new technlogies and latest techniques.

We have the expertise to provide more than just software – we provide solutions and leadership to meet the goals of businesses from large enterprise to growing startups.


Help lead 700+ members of the Columbus Ruby Brigade since 2011.

Founding member of the Columbus Elixir Group.

Frequently help organize regional industry conferences.