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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov 6, 2018 – ScriptDrop, Inc. today announced that it is acquiring New Albany, Ohio-based Matched Pattern LLC, a web software development firm specializing in the Elixir web-performance programming language.

“ScriptDrop’s mission is to provide an in-workflow prescription delivery solution for every pharmacy, to improve patient care and drive down prescription abandonment,” said ScriptDrop CEO Nicholas Potts. “As we partner with more and more pharmacies, our delivery volume is growing rapidly. Matched Pattern provides the technical expertise for us to scale gracefully, without disruption either to our business or our customers’ workflows.”

Founded in 2017 as an “all-star” web development studio for senior software developers, Matched Pattern is a leader in using the Elixir programming language, which combines rapid software development with responsiveness under extremely heavy transaction volume.

“We’re excited to be joining the ScriptDrop team,” said Matched Pattern CEO Matt Darby. “We’ve been proud to use our expertise to power businesses of all kinds, and now to focus on driving forward ScriptDrop’s vision.” Darby, a former professor of computer science at Franklin University, is a twenty-year industry veteran in the design of web software for high volume environments.

The transaction closed on November 6. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Matched Pattern CEO Matt Darby will be joining ScriptDrop as its chief technology officer, and COO Benjamin Winkler will be joining as general counsel.

About ScriptDrop, Inc:

ScriptDrop, the leading prescription delivery service, is dedicated to solving the medication abandonment problem by providing a seamless solution for getting prescriptions into the hands of patients. It integrates directly with pharmacies, connecting them through its system with a nationwide network of couriers and managing the home delivery process from end to end.