Our Story

Matched Pattern is the result of twenty years in the software industry. Our founder, Matt Darby, has worked in every level of tech from local engineering firms to globally recognized healthcare organizations, enterprise insurance to publicly traded firms like Rackspace.

He has taken the lessons learned at these locations and has returned home to Columbus, Ohio. Our goal is to help make Columbus a great town to work and live in — and to show the world that you don't have to be in Silicon Valley to make a difference.

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Our Team

Darby Winkler Jones Priddy Eaton Canady Queen-Darby Singh Crosby

What We Do

Custom Software

Matched Pattern has years of experience in Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Python. We also have a deep interest in the future of Elixir, an industrial-grade language set to revolutionize the industry.

  • Custom internal software useful for your business
  • A client-facing application to interact with your business
  • Custom reporting with graphs
  • An iOS application that interacts with your product
  • A marketing site for your business
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Web Infrastructure

Matched Pattern has deep experience with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Rackspace and OpenStack. We've scaled client applications for ABC's Shark Tank with a day's notice. We've scaled nation-wide applications for Target on a moment's notice. Each application survived an onslaught of focused, national attention.

  • Redundant database and application servers spread across the globe
  • Servers automatically scale based on traffic and complexity
  • Automatic data backups (along with easy data restores!)
  • Code can be deployed globally within 10 minutes
  • Applications can be "cloned" for demos or focused testing within 18 minutes
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Internet of Things

"Internet of Things" (IoT) is a fancy term for Internet-connected hardware devices. These devices can communicate to your application via WIFI, Cellular, Bluetooth, or Radio and can be deployed nearly anywhere. An IoT device can have any number of sensors; measuring temperature, position, movement, distance, weight, orientation or even on an "event" such as a door opening or a laser line being interrupted. IoT devices can also control cameras (including infrared!) so they're fantastic for custom security controls as they are small, functional, reliable, fast and connected.

  • Tracking a fleet of automobile positions
  • Receive a text message when a real-world threshold is reached
  • Log each time a door is opened, when, and by whom
  • Take a picture each time movement is detected
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Our Process

  • Interview

    Matched Pattern will gather facts and ideas about the project including budget and timeline. The outcome of this is an "ideal" version of the application.

  • Scope

    We'll discuss how budget, timeline and other real-world considerations might impact or change the scope of the application. The outcome of this is a "realistic" version of the application.

  • Agree

    We'll negotiate and agree on terms with a contract. Matched Pattern puts our money where our mouth is and is fully insured too!

  • Develop

    We will work together to break apart the application into smaller features. We will document, track, and develop each feature separately, as prioritized by your team.

  • Minimum Viable Product

    We work together to get the smallest "working" version of your application. This is great way to test out your application without waiting months for a full version. We learn from each release and coordinate updates based on user feedback and client desires.

  • Deployment

    When a feature is approved by your team it will automatically be deployed out to the world. No waiting on release dates.


  • Erica A. VP of Membership, Chicago, IL
  • Anthony B. CTO/CPO, Chicago, IL
  • Sue H. President, Columbus, OH
  • Anne H. Project Manager, Atlanta, GA
  • Mike D. Managing Director, Columbus, OH
  • Corey G. CTO, Jacksonville, FL
  • Kevin M. CEO, Columbus, OH
  • David S. CEO/Founder, Columbus, OH


Matched Pattern is a proud supporter of community-based learning. Employees serve on various non-profit boards, give freely of their time, facilitate speeches and networking events.

Columbus Ruby Brigade

We are a bunch of professionals and students who are excited about Ruby programming language and Rails framework and the joy they have brought to web development.

Columbus Elixir

We are teachers and students, enthusiasts and professionals, working to bring Elixir and its ecosystem to Columbus, Ohio

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